D  A  V  I  D     L  A  P  H  A  M

Welcome to the world of Stray Bullets.  

When El Capitan publisher Maria Lapham and I launched Stray Bullets in 1995, people were immediately blown away.
Never before had so many experienced such elation and revulsion at once.    Several heads exploded (or so I’ve heard),
they gave me an Eisner Award against Will Eisner  (there’s some kind of hate mixed up in that, no?),  and transvestite 
drug dealers sent me their business cards…and photos. 

It’s been a strange journey, mostly because you all are strange people. 

For the last few years we’ve been on hiatus and the book has largely gone out of print.   Hopefully this will be corrected 
soon.   Meanwhile,  we’re starting this site back up to sell some original artwork (for reasons too hideous to mention…at 
least till you click the link) and, more importantly, to introduce some new people to my tiny, ugly, wonderful little world.  


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